Why Kitchen Cabinets with Neutral Tones Are Never Boring

Kitchen cabinets with bold colors have always been at the forefront of choices. But with that said, having too much color is not for everyone. Yes, neutral colors can beat monotony with style.

What Are the Neutral Colors?

These are grays, blacks, tans, off whites, browns or beige. Why should these neutral colors be just the thing for your cabinets? There are several reasons why a neutral cabinet finish is a wise choice.


When you renovate your kitchen, you want it to stand the test of time. Going for neutral tones does that. They never go out of style. Why? That’s because they give a clean and elegant look. Believe us. Nothing beats white or beige colored cabinets. Such choices will give you financial satisfaction that will last year after year. For the exact opposite, you can go for black. It's not only timeless, but it also denotes a mysterious and intriguing appeal.

Freedom in Creativity

Choosing a red or blue will leave you scratching your head for the right complementary color to use. It makes the remodeling job more difficult as it is hard to balance your limited options.

Goes Beyond the Trend

Fashion trends come and go. But these neutral tones will continue to be a huge chunk off the market. Despite the recent interest in bolder and vibrant color schemes, nothing beats the basic white, light gray, and beige color scheme for any kitchen.

Our Other Takes in Using Neutral Tones

If white is the color of your kitchen cabinets, then combine it with other neutral hues. This will create a sense of simplicity and linearity in your kitchen cabinets.

Use an island to complement gray kitchen cabinets.

If you want two neutral colors, then combine gray and white for a fresh and simple look.

Versatility is synonymous with the gray color. Some people will say that it gives a robotic appeal, but in general, it's more vintage.

Consider placing brown colored cabinets against a brown wall for cohesion.

Mix and match different shades of each neutral tones to create something monochromatic.

If you have a large family or small children, kitchen cabinets alexandria va pure white may not be the best way to go, unless you are committed to constant cleanup.

Dark color cabinets will pop-up beautifully against a light background. This creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially in an kitchen cabinets alexandria va open kitchen.

Remember, these colors remain independent in both style and trend. This makes them just right for anyone who wants a look that is long-lasting. Make sure your new kitchen will stand the test of time by taking steps to make it transcend the test of time from the outset. So, choose neutral colors for your cabinets!

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